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Val Verde

Val Verde is in the southeastern Topatopa Mountains foothill and the city of Santa Clarita is to the east.

Originally the settlement of Val Verde was a short-lived boom town built by colonial Mexican settlers near a gold strike in 19th century Alta California.

In 2011, Verizon Wireless attempted to build a 30,000 watt, twelve panel antenna array cell site in Val Verde, less than 50 feet from an adjacent residence. Verizon Wireless and its contractor claimed that the main reason for the cell site was for community of Val Verde, however inquiries were made and the cell site is designed to fill coverage holes in the adjacent Valencia Commerce Center industrial park, Hasley Hills housing tract, and for future developments outside of Val Verde. Local residents banded together and protested the cell site claiming that big business was trying to run rampant over the little community of Val Verde. As of early 2013, Verizon Wireless has not built the cell tower, and has decided build the tower on a hillside away from homes.


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